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My Background 

As a former public school teacher of 18 years in the Canadian education system, I had achieved a stable living for myself and my family, but it came to a point at which the demands of my employer clashed with my own values.  I found myself thrust into a position in which I had to make a choice between sticking with the predictability of the status quo, or following my heart into the unknown.  Although not an easy choice, I interpreted this fork in the road as an opportunity gifted to me to finally do what I had wanted to do for a while, but never mustered the courage to execute. I didn't know exactly what I would be doing for work, but knew that it had to be satisfying work on my own terms, and in alignment with my ideals and deeper life purpose.  Having quit my job, my deep conviction was that if I were to give myself fully to my own spiritual evolution that I would be lead down my own unique path in my own way, and in divine timing.  In retrospect, I would do it all over again, because although I was stepping into the unknown, and it was not always easy, I was able to take my own inner journey and found my life purpose in the process.



Although not always the rational path, through following the threads of my various interests and curiosities, I found myself lead to Creative Mind University where I received my training in combining Jungian theory, Vedic Philosophy, and findings in Neuroscience into a system of life coaching that goes deep and offers practical tools for getting results. 

Specialization:  Success Mindset Coaching

Who I Help

My services are geared especially, but not exclusively to spiritually minded professional men that have come to the realization that their careers are no longer serving their deeper need for personal fulfillment and alignment with their higher purpose. It is for those who may have a certain degree of material success, but are looking to transition into more fulfilling careers in line with their more authentic selves. 

How I Do It

I utilize coaching practices informed by Jungian Psychology and Neuroscience, and grounded in Eastern Spirituality in order to help my clients uncover unconscious barriers to the realization of their authenticity and true Selves. Tools that I use include, but are not limited to shadow work and active visualization, as well as working with archetypes and dream analysis.

What's in It for You

When you make a commitment to your own inner work through the coaching process, you will be able to:

- Face your fears and push through resistance

- Uncover the lost fragments of your unconscious that hold the key to becoming more of who you were meant to be.

- Make true choices that are no longer motivated by fear and limitation, but from a place of empowerment and full alignment with your more realized Self.

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