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My coaching services employ techniques and tools based in Jungian Psychology and Neuroscience, with a conceptual foundation based in Eastern Philosophy.

Jungian Psychology

Carl Jung, the famous Swiss psychologist was one of the foremost contributors to our understanding of the human psyche.  Along with mapping out and understanding the mind, one of his major contributions was his work on individuation.  Individuation is the process by which we work with the unconscious mind to realize our true authentic Self, and our unique individual path in life. The process of working with the deeper mind includes tools such as active imagination, visualization, and working with emotional triggers, archetypes, and dreams.

Eastern Philosophy

If Jungian Philosophy provides the tools and methodology for the work, Eastern Philosophy forms the spiritual and philosophical foundation. For the work to be truly effective, the right understanding of the nature of the mind as the primary cause of all results in ones life is foundational. Eastern Philosophy presents consciousness as the foundational substrate of all reality, and states that we are that consciousness at our core. This understanding of reality has profound implications, as it shows that there is no external force to blame for ones results, but suggests that all results originate in one's own mind.


New discoveries in neuroscience demonstrate how the brain processes information and influences the perception of what we experience as our reality.  New findings in neuroscience and quantum physics have also begun to help us realize what Eastern Philosophy has set forth for thousands of years, namely, that we are not at the mercy of the external material world, but are able to influence it by our very observation of, and interaction with it. 

Coaching Packages

Unconscious barriers to the realization of your deeper life purpose and success have taken many years of social conditioning to take root, and so the packages listed below are representative of the different periods of time within which I can assist you to firstly discover those blocks, and then to integrate new ways of being from which something new can emerge.  The longer the package duration, the further along I can help you along the continuum of lasting change.

Inner Journey into Enlightened Entrepreneurship


Volcano Hiker

3 Month Breakthrough Program

  • 6 private coaching sessions via zoom (2 calls per month for 3 months)

  • Email support in between sessions

  • 1 personalized custom meditation

  • Other exercises and tools to support your goal

Inner Journey into Enlightened Entrepreneurship

Man Hiking in Nature

6 Month Transformation Program

  • 12 private coaching sessions via zoom (2 calls per month for 6 months)

  • Email support in between sessions

  • 2 personalized custom meditations

  • Other exercises and tools to support your goal

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If you are interested in taking your success mindset to the next level, and to embark upon a journey towards your more realized self and the realization of your life purpose, send me a message, and I will contact you to schedule a free Career Compass Recalibration Call.

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